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RealWear Updates and Industry News - Issue #15


RealWear Updates and Industry News

February 27 · Issue #15 · View online

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Welcome to Issue #15 of the RealWear newsletter! This is your source for the latest news on Digital Transformation as it relates to connected workers and industrial wearables.
We had a blast at DistribuTECH in New Orleans! But if you missed us there, have no fear: you can also catch us at Industrial VR/AR Forum in Houston March 4th, as well as Hanover Messe in Hanover, Germany April 1 - 5th. Details on these events can be found below.
Issue #15 is all about education. All around the world, RealWear customers and partners are finding ingenious way to use the HMT-1 and HMT1Z1. Keep reading to learn more about the cutting edge in hands-free computing and industrial wearables.
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Real News
RealWear Named “Crowning Achievement” Among Industrial Wearables
New Equipment Digest has named HMT-1 and intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1 the industrial wearables of choice. Read the full article here:
Crowning Achievement: This Industrial Wearable Reigns Supreme - New Equipment Digest
Once New Equipment Digest published their article, we posted a blog summarizing their major findings. Immediately after we published this, Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance shared their take:
RealWear Products “Crowning Achievement” Among Industrial Wearables - AREA
The original NED article was also reprinted by EHS Today.
Our Perspective on HoloLens 2 Annoucement
Microsoft just unveiled HoloLens 2 for enterprise on Sunday February 24th, and we couldn’t be more excited. HoloLens 2 and RealWear HMT-1 are great companion products. However, as RealWear CEO Any Lowery points out in a recent blog post, there’s an important difference:
  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 is focused on Basic Digital Training in safe environments, contextualized for the real world. Digital focus first, real-world focus second.
  • RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 are hands-free, voice operated headsets focused on advanced training in rugged and potentially dangerous environments in the real world. Real-world focus first, digital focus second.
HoloLens 2 Complements RealWear HMT-1 to Accelerate Digital Transformation
HoloLens 2 Complements RealWear HMT-1 to Accelerate Digital Transformation
Read The Full Article Here:
Opinion: HoloLens 2 and RealWear
RealWear Announces Pilot With World’s Largest Utility
World’s Largest Utility Deploys RealWear HMT-1 Voice-Controlled Hands-Free Wearable Computer
A State Grid worker looks at the screen on an HMT-1.
A State Grid worker looks at the screen on an HMT-1.
After we released this story, we did an interview with The Columbian, our local newspaper in Vancouver, Washington. They went into much greater detail about what the State Grid pilot means for connected workers and the future of industrial wearables.
Read the full article in The Columbian here:
Vancouver-based RealWear Partners with Chinese Utility State Grid - The Columbian
RealWear Improves Productivity For Repair Crews
Gear Heads: Smart Tech Helps Repair Crews Restore Power Faster - GE Reports
Field crews are using HMT-1 to restore power faster.
Field crews are using HMT-1 to restore power faster.
Oil Company Uses AR, HMT-1 For Digital Transformation
Russian oil company Slavneft-Megionneftegaz has completed a pilot project using the HMT-1. While using the HMT-1, the company was able to improve the quality of equipment maintenance, reduce down time, and increase safety for all their workers.
But we found it intriguing how they combined several types of solutions to improve productivity:
  • Document Navigation: easily scan barcodes to identify equipment
  • Remote Mentor to solve production problems
  • Digital Workflow: step-by-step instructions
Read the full article here (Google Translate from Russian).
Ambulance Drivers Use Remote Mentor On HMT-1
Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK
Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK
We’re always amazed to hear of new uses for hands-free computing. One of our board members shared this story of how ambulance drivers in Norway are using Remote Mentor on the HMT-1 to get advice on patient treatments. The segment on HMT-1 runs from 3:48 - 5:22 in the video.
Over the past year, Inland Hospital and several partners in and around Innlandet Norway have tested this hands-free computing technology with the HMT-1. Their pilot with HMT-1 has been so successful, they plan to roll it out to all ambulance drivers in the region within the next 12 months.
Read the full story here (Google Translate from Norwegian).
Share Your Story!
Have you and your team come up with an innovative way to use the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1? We’d love to hear it! Please reply to this email to continue the conversation.
Real Video
Largest utility deploys RealWear - video press release
Watch RealWear VP Product Management Tom Dollente explain the impact of our pilot with State Grid.
232 - Oil and Gas Predictions for 2019
Modalpoint offers premium Market Research and Strategy services to the Oil & Gas Industry. In this video, Modalpoint’s Director Mark LaCour shares his Top 10 Predictions for Oil & Gas in 2019. You can watch the entire video above, but we want to focus on two of his predictions here:
RealWear headsets are turning data into revenue everyday. When frontline workers are empowered with the right data at the right time, they can be proactive instead of reactive.
Finally, Oil & Gas companies can address the Great Crew Change with industrial wearables. We just wrote a blog post that addresses this prediction, check it out here.
First Impressions of Cranfield Aerospace Tech Using RealWear HMT-1 (uncut!)
Watch this video to hear a firsthand account of RealWear’s noise-cancelling features. This is what makes voice-free, hands-free computing effective.
RealWear and Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM: IoT visualization for industrial applications
John Thurgood, RealWear Director of Business Development for EMEA, shares insight about our partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM. This is an excellent use case of our Remote Mentor and IIoT Visualization connected worker solutions.
Real Partners
Huge thanks to our APAC partners for making our most recent Partner Day such a great success!
Our APAC Partner Day was on February 20th!
Our APAC Partner Day was on February 20th!
We’re grateful to our partners UBiMAX, Westernacher, Elmark Automatyka, and Computer OEM Trading GHMB for representing RealWear products at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany. LogiMAT just concluded on February 21st, but we’re excited to see what the future holds for hands-free computing and intralogistics.
Axel Lechler shows off the HMT-1 for UBiMAX
Axel Lechler shows off the HMT-1 for UBiMAX
Steffen Strüber demonstrates the HMT-1 for Westernacher
Steffen Strüber demonstrates the HMT-1 for Westernacher
Marek Ołdakowski showcasing RealWear for Elmark Automatyka
Marek Ołdakowski showcasing RealWear for Elmark Automatyka
On the first day of LogiMat, Elmark Automatyka also showed us how they control a robot using voice commands from the HMT-1. This is another great example of how companies around the world are finding innovative ways to use RealWear headsets. Watch their video on LinkedIn here.
Computer OEM Trading GmbH features HMT-1
Computer OEM Trading GmbH features HMT-1
And huge thanks to Jörg Jonas-Kops, CEO of RealWear partner nxtBase! While at LogiMAT, Jörg shared this photo of HMT-1 at Haenel booth connected to SAP WMS and controlling a Lean Lift by voice.
Expert Teleportation: Testing HMT-1 In Extreme Conditions
In Issue 14 of our newsletter, we talked about how our partner Expert Teleportation is using the HMT-1 to improve productivity and training for Oil & Energy giant EDF. Recently, they took the HMT-1 to the slopes to showcase the HMT-1’s durability in extreme cold.
Barcotec: Central Europe Master Value Added Distributor
We’re honored to partner with Barcotec. We recently finalized a Master Distribution agreement with them for the central region of Europe. With this new agreement, we hope to increase awareness of industrial wearables across the Atlantic and beyond.
Now that this agreement is in place, fulfillment, partner support and value added services can be offered to the continuously growing HMT-1 community. 
If you’re interested in becoming a channel partner, please reply to our newsletter and we’ll be glad to help.
Real Events
Industrial VR/AR Forum - Houston, TX - March 4 Industrial VR/AR Forum - Houston, TX - March 4
PDXWIT (PDX Women in Tech) - Vancouver, WA - March 14
HANNOVER MESSE - Hannover, Germany - April 1-5th
Field Service Management - Sydney, Australia - April 16-17th
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