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RealWear Updates and Industry News - Issue #16


RealWear Updates and Industry News

March 21 · Issue #16 · View online

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Welcome to Issue #16 of the RealWear newsletter! This is your source for the latest news on Digital Transformation as it relates to connected workers and industrial wearables.
Issue #16 is all about community.
  • RealWear Explorer 4.0 is here to grow our developer community!
  • We recently hired our first Chief Information Security Officer to strengthen data protection for our partners and customers.
  • Our social media community spans the globe! From the Industrial VR/AR Forum in Houston to CiscoLive in Melbourne, Australia and everywhere in between, HMT-1® and HMT-1Z1™ aim to improve safety and productivity around the world.
We’re gearing up for RealWear Summit on May 28th! This must-attend annual RealWear business meeting is the day before the Augmented World Expo (AWE), and it’s only 20 minutes away from the Santa Clara Convention Center.
And you’re invited! It’s about All Things RealWear with a focus on deployment.
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Real News
RealWear Explorer 4.0 is Ready For Download RealWear Explorer 4.0 is Ready For Download
We’re excited to announce the release of RealWear Explorer 4.0. This handy tool is designed to streamline app development for the HMT platform.
RealWear Explorer mirrors the display of the HMT-1 onto a desktop or laptop computer screen.
From a developer’s perspective, this means you don’t need to keep looking at the micro-display to see what your application is doing. Instead, view a large version of the same screen right on your desktop or laptop. This makes it even easier to develop new applications for the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 or optimize existing solutions.
Download RealWear Explorer 4.0 Here
Bigger Than RealWear. The RealWear Summit Is May 28th!
RealWear Summit 2019: The Perfect Kickoff to AWE
More Than 10 Software Partners Demo RealWear HMT-1 At Hannover Messe 2019
Hannover Messe is is coming up on April 1st, and this year’s show will be one of the largest ever!
At Hannover Messe 2019, more than 10 solutions providers will demonstrate voice-optimized software applications and platforms designed for the RealWear HMT-1 and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1.
Try Out RealWear HMT-1 at Hannover Messe 2019
RealWear Hires Cybersecurity Expert as Chief Information Security Officer
Patrick Neise, RealWear CISO
Patrick Neise, RealWear CISO
On March 12th, we announced the appointment of Patrick Neise, D.Eng, LCDR USN (ret) as RealWear’s first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Data protection is a fundamental requirement for all our partners and customers, and the addition of Patrick to our team will strengthen our community in this regard.
“We are thrilled to have Patrick on board as our first CISO.  We will continue to build security and data protection into everything we do.  Patrick is the next piece of our plan to ensure RealWear is the safe, secure choice for deploying industrial hands-free wearables at a large scale.” Andy Lowery, Cofounder and CEO of RealWear
Read It Now: RealWear appoints new CISO
Patrick’s appointment to RealWear CISO was also noted by CSO Online. Check out their recent tweet!
Several companies recently appointed new CSOs and CISOs, including the @CityOfBoston, @EVOTEKtweets, @siliconlabs, @effectualinc and @realwearinc. Learn more about them: #CSO #CISO #security
RealWear on International Women’s Day
Andy Lowery
We often salute veterans, great leaders & love to embrace tradition. Today, @realwearinc salutes women and the #REAL women of #RealWear. #IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter
Oil & Energy Giant Uses HMT-1 To Speed Maintenance
France3 TV showcases EDF workers using Remote Mentor on HMT-1
French Oil & Energy Giant EDF is using Remote Mentor on the HMT-1. All maintenance activities are supervised by an engineer at headquarters, who sees what the technician sees and can recommend next steps in real time. EDF is one of many companies creating the future for connected workers.
We’re thrilled to see Expert Teleportation growing its relationship with EDF. A big thank you to Expert Teleportation CEO Frederic Pedro for sharing the video!
Global Telecom Leader Honored For Training With AR
Verizon was recently recognized by Training Magazine for their ingenious use of AR and VR in training. Verizon used RealWear HMT-1 in their Digital Apprentice program. This program featured live and online performance support through the voice-operated HMT-1 for 53 field technicians in Verizon’s pilot in 2018.
As part of this program, Verizon used the Remote Mentor connected worker solution from RealWear partner UBiMAX on the HMT-1.
Ultimately, Verizon’s field technicians, network engineers, and dispatch managers will be trained on the Digital Apprentice program from late 2018 through 2019.
Verizon’s program earned the most points of all programs surveyed in this issue of Training Magazine. Points were awarded based on the following criteria:
  • Business outcomes achieved/expectations met
  • Level of potential business impact
  • Difficulty of challenges faced
  • Innovation of training
  • Instructional design
  • Project scope
Verizon’s Innovation and Design Leader Fraser Bowie gave us the shout-out on LinkedIn. You can view Fraser’s original LinkedIn post here.
TIP: Read the full article in Training Magazine link below.
Top 10 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives
RealWear Bridging The High-Tech Disconnect
We were honored by Editor’s John Hitch’s profile of RealWear in New Equipment Digest on February 11th. But we were thrilled (and humbled) when Editor in Chief of Industry Week Travis Hessman followed that up with his own positive comments of RealWear’s influence on the adoption of enterprise industrial wearable computers.
The High-Tech Disconnect | New Equipment Digest
The future of industrial wearables is happening now. And for manufacturing companies, RealWear is bridging the gap between innovation and adoption.
Local Students Use HMT-1 To Explore Historic Sites
HMT-1 was recently featured in Northwest Crimson & Gray, a publication of Washington State University Vancouver.
The article describes how students used the HMT-1 on a voice-activated virtual tour of some of the oldest historic sites in Vancouver.
A Guided Stroll Through the Past - WSU Vancouver
Real Partners
Fieldbit Joins AREA
RealWear partner Fieldbit has just joined Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance. Fieldbit VP Marketing Alex Rapoport gave an interview with AREA to share the company’s mission and a goals.
Read the full interview here:
Fieldbit on AR-enabled Industrial Field Service Applications - AREA
Engineers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Benefit from Remote Mentor
SMART Product - SMART Services: MEYER and Bolzoni Auramo Remote Service Concept
Bolzoni Auramo Meyer teamed up with kutscher.TEC to equip one of the largest engineer networks in Central Europe with Remote Mentor on the HMT-1.
Engineers are now equipped with RealWear HMT-1 Smart Glasses, which enable a direct link between the service engineers in the field and the technical specialists at their desktop in the Customer Service and Engineering Departments at the head office. Read the full article here.
Special thanks to Barcotec’s Robert Duhac for directing us to this video on Twitter. You can see Robert’s tweet here.
Welcome IPS-Energy USA!
Marvel Gentry Harmon, Senior Sales Executive, IPS-Energy USA, Inc.
Marvel Gentry Harmon, Senior Sales Executive, IPS-Energy USA, Inc.
RealWear, Inc. is excited to welcome IPS-Energy USA, Inc. to our family of leading edge partners now developing their software on the HMT platform!
Real Video
HMT-1 featured in this video from ExxonMobil's "digital garage"
ExxonMobil immersive technology architects Kyle Daughtry and Athicha “M” Dhanormchitphong are taking field training to the next level. They’re using VR, AR, and MR devices like RealWear HMT-1 to give employees a chance to “experience” and practice reacting to scenarios they might encounter on the job.
Emerging technologist Eric Johnston explores wearable gear and hands-free computing. These tools connect to sensors throughout refineries and share these data with the wearer, a perfect example of IoT Visualization.
삼우이머션 SMART WORKS 솔루션 (REAL WEAR) 소개 영상
Daehee Kim on LinkedIn: “저희 회사 솔루션 소개영상 제작된거 소개 드립니다.^^ 한국해양수산연수원 실습선에서 촬영한 삼우이머션 스마트워크 솔루션 홍보 영상입니다. 
This is the video of Samwoo Immersion Smart Works Solution filmed by the Korea Marine Fishery Training Institute’s training ship.
#smartworks #smartglasses #samwooimmertion #realwear 
Daehee Kim on LinkedIn:
Real Blogs
3 Reasons Your Knowledge Transfer Process Needs Industrial Wearables
Real Social
Saudi Aramco worker equipped with the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1
Saudi Aramco worker equipped with the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1
aramco | أرامكو
#WEF recognizes Uthmaniyah Gas Plant as a “Manufacturing Lighthouse” for its leadership in adopting 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies
#4IR #WEF19 #Saudi_Aramco_Technology
Rob Duchac
Nice surprise at #execforum19, MAN Energy Solutions shows the @realwearinc Head Mounted Tablet "HMT-1" as part of intelligent support 😎 #freeyourhands
Wärtsilä successfully tests remote guidance service capabilities
Wärtsilä successfully tests remote guidance service capabilities
Nghi Tran on LinkedIn: “Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. 
They have now successfully tested our RealWear HMT-1 for their remote guidance service. 
Ship crew members, field service engineers and shipyard personnel can now communicate with on-shore experts anywhere in the world. 
#technology #remote #augmentedreality #smarttechnologies”
Nghi Tran on LinkedIn:
RealWear, Inc. at #techadvantage2019 this year can feel the team spirit while demonstrating the #HMT to Robert Martinez with Guernsey - Engineers/Architects/Consultants. 
Enjoying the idea of remote job walks and assessing jobs without physically being there!! #freeyourhands #engineers #architects #wearables #ruggedtech #howto"
Matt Davidson on LinkedIn
Feroz M. on LinkedIn: "Showcasing use cases to Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, San Diego with Brian Hamilton and Ed Riehle #freeyourhands "
David Francis
#ciscolive visitors from a major Thailand utlilities co, VERY happy to hear of the impending Thai language inclusion to @realwearinc so they can voice control the HMT-1 and make Remote Expert calls #enterprisewide with @CiscoSpark in their native language. #CLMEL #collaborate
Industrial VR/AR Forum
#IndustrialVRAR Forum was packed on Monday. So many wonderful speakers, panels, demos and awesome guests. Everyone had a great time getting their hands on everything XR related! @realwearinc @Librestream @CircuitStream had some fun demos!
Industrial VR/AR Forum
#IndustrialVRAR forum is sporting some amazing tech this morning! Check out Jennifer Estep, Energy Vertical Specialist from @Librestream demonstrating wearable technology from @realwearinc .
Sterling Crispin 🕊️
I think hololens 3 is going to need to have safety certifications on being "intrinsically safe" regarding eye protection, dust and water resistance, or its never going to get used in all of the industrial and mfg. scenarios they're imagining
John Thurgood on LinkedIn: “Helen West and Peter Flockhart enabling worker safely and productivity in such difficult environments as offshore Oil & Gas. 
Oceaneering perform these tasks daily requiring operational awareness first. RealWear, Inc. #HMT-1Z1 #offshoreoilandgas #subjectmatterexperts #industry4_0 #knowledgetransfer ”
John Thurgood on LinkedIn
Elite CEU
We’re excited to start developing safety training content with our new @realwearinc HMT-1! The future of wearables is here! #realwear #hmt1 #augmentedreality #artraining #safetytraining #freeyourhands
Real Events
HANNOVER MESSE - Hannover, Germany - April 1-5
Manufacturing & Technology - Pittsburgh, PA - April 1 - 3rd
ProMat - Chicago, IL - April 8 - 11th
Field Service Management - Sydney, Australia - April 16-17th
Field Service - Palm Springs, CA - April 23 - 26th
Chris Parkinson at RealWear Summit
Chris Parkinson at RealWear Summit
Bigger than RealWear. Sign up for RealWear Summit May 28th!
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