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Welcome to Issue #17 of the RealWear newsletter, and a special welcome to our new subscribers around the world!
This is your source for the latest news on Digital Transformation as it relates to connected workers and industrial wearables.
At RealWear, we empower our customers and partners to Train the Workers of the Future, Today. Around the world and every day, RealWear is making it easier for teams to train new hires and upskill experienced workers.
But the biggest news? RealWear Summit on May 28th
This must-attend annual RealWear event will take place the day before Augmented World Expo (AWE), and it’s only 20 minutes away from the Santa Clara Convention Center.
This event is about All Things RealWear with a focus on deployment, and you’re invited! Spaces are filling up fast, so register now before we run out of tickets.
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Real News
How to go from Pilot to Enterprise Deployment with HMT-1
How to go from Pilot to Enterprise Deployment with HMT-1
RealWear Summit Is Coming! What You Need To Know
RealWear Summit 2019 is is May 28th, the day before Augmented World Expo.
  • Get best practices to deploy RealWear in your enterprise
  • Learn about new use cases from our partners
  • Engage with surprise guest speakers!
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RealWear Summit May 28th 2019
Vote HMT-1 for Best Headworn Device!
With Your Help, HMT-1 will be Best Headworn Device
With Your Help, HMT-1 will be Best Headworn Device
Every year since 2010, Augmented World Expo has held the Auggie Awards, the most recognized industry AR & VR awards show in the world. The Auggies showcase the best of the best in augmented and virtual reality.
Winners will be presented with a prestigious Auggie Award live on stage at the Auggie Awards Ceremony, which will take place this year at AWE USA 2019 on May 30th.
How to vote for RealWear HMT-1 in the Auggie Awards:
  • Follow this link to find RealWear HMT-1 in the Auggies
  • Create an account when prompted
  • Vote RealWear HMT-1!
Hurry! Public voting for the Auggies ends May 8, 2019!
HMT Release 10: Our Best Is Now Even Better
HMT Release 10 Teaser Video - Volume Up!
HMT Release 10 is our most significant firmware update so far, featuring key improvements in the following areas:
  • Fortified security with Android 8.1 OS
  • Smarter camera system
  • Enhanced usability
With the arrival of HMT Release 10, we have taken the hands-free user experience to the next level for our industrial customers. By incorporating greater use of head motion tracking and combining this closely with RealWear’s highly interactive noise-robust voice recognition, the system has become even more fluid while remaining 100% hands-free - Sanjay Jhawar, Cofounder, President and Chief Product Officer at RealWear, Inc.
Early feedback on HMT Release 10:
“We are really excited about the camera enhancements! Will really help with capturing video for training or audits…” Terrance Robinson, Director, Enterprise Data Solutions & Internet of Things - Utilities/Energy & Industrial Sectors, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group
We held a quick webinar covering all the basics of HMT Release 10 on April 10th. You can view the recording here:
HMT Release 10 Webinar #1
But this is just the beginning! Ready to learn even more?
We’re pleased to announce four more webinars all about HMT Release 10:
April 23rd: HMT Release 10 Overview Webinar
April 30th: Camera System Upgrades Webinar
May 7th: Updates to File Management Webinar
May 14th: Navigation and Controls Webinar
RealWear Shines At Hannover Messe 2019
We recently returned from Hannover Messe, the largest show in the world focused on digital transformation for industry. We were humbled, grateful, and pleasantly surprised to see more than 40 other booths demo their software on HMT-1, including:
We interviewed individuals from several of these companies during the show. Here’s what they had to say about HMT-1.
Vanessa Ogibowski of RealWear partner Librestream
Felix Funke of BarcoTec partner kutscher.TEC
Jay Kim of RealWear partner Upskill demos Skylight
Watch our LinkedIn, Twitter @RealWearInc, and YouTube pages in the next few weeks for all videos we captured during Hannover Messe!
Shell Launches Major Expansion of HMT-1, HMT-1Z1
While we at Hannover Messe, Shell announced their selection of HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 to expand their Digital Transformation initiatives.
“A new era of computing has arrived. Just as laptops and mobile phones are standard for desk workers, voice command and augmented reality for wearable computers will become commonplace for field staff in our industry, driving safety and productivity.” Michael Kaldenbach, Digital Realities Lead, Shell
This deal was made possible by Honeywell, a global supplier of the HMT-1Z1 who also provides additional software applications, services and hands-on field knowledge.
“In close collaboration with Shell and together with RealWear’s technology, Honeywell helps to change the way field workers operate, enabling higher levels of competency, productivity and safety assurance. By addressing key customer needs, Honeywell supports industrial companies like Shell in their digital transformation journey.” John Rudolph, President, Honeywell Process Solutions
The devices are being deployed through Honeywell in 12 countries including US, China, Russia, India, Germany and Austria and 24 operational sites.
Read our full Press Release here:
Shell Selects HMT-1Z1 and HMT-1 for Field Workers
Once the news hit, we connected with Lamya Elias of Honeywell Connected Enterprise. Watch this video to hear Lamya’s take on this landmark announcement:
Lamya Elias of Honeywell talks about our Shell announcement
Australia Training Workers Of Tomorrow
Ty Theodore of ACEPT (left) and Brian Hamilton of RealWear (right)
Ty Theodore of ACEPT (left) and Brian Hamilton of RealWear (right)
The Australian Centre for Energy and Process Training (ACEPT) has built a specialist engineer training centre at Western Australia’s Challenger Institute of Technology. RealWear’s partner Honeywell is sponsoring this project, and HMT technology is central to their work.
Honeywell and RealWear Chief Business Officer Brian Hamilton recently presented the benefits of HMT technology to ACEPT’s board, leading Australian Oil & Gas executives, and members of the Australian government.
Photo Courtesy Dion Davidson, Pacific Sales Leader of Honeywell’s Connected People, Plant & Personel Safety and Outcomes Programs.
The focus of ACEPT’s work is on training the workers of tomorrow. Learn more about ACEPT’s training center here:
New training centre for ACEPT | Oil & Gas Australia
RealWear Selected For Startup Autobahn Program 6
RealWear was chosen for Startup Autobahn Program 6!
RealWear was chosen for Startup Autobahn Program 6!
Startup Autobahn is a technology accelerator that connects startups of all development stages with industry-leading corporate partners like DHL, Daimler AGM< Hyundai Motor Group EU, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). And every year, Startup Autobahn conducts a global screening of the top 500 startups driving Industry 4.0.
Out of these 500 startups, RealWear was one of the 37 companies selected for Program 6. HPE voted RealWear into Program 6 based upon a presentation by our Account Executive Christian Effert.
Christian will work with HPE to develop a 90 day Proof of Concept. The results will be presented at Startup Autobahn’s Expo Day in July.
This is an incredible honor, and all of us at RealWear congratulate Christian on this achievement!
Startup Autobahn is powered by Plug and Play Tech Center, one of the foremost tech accelerators in Silicon Valley. Plug and Play brings together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations.
RealWear and HPE: Creating The Worker Of The Future
John Thurgood on partnering with HPE
RealWear recently collaborated with HPE OEM solutions, setting a new standard in remote collaboration for geographically dispersed teams.
The new HPE MyRoom VRG in the HMT-1 will play a key role in the development of the next generation of industrial workers. With this collaboration, “… remote workers in the field can use the hands-free voice control device to get remote support that can enable to be more productive and efficient,” says John Thurgood, Director of Business Development, EMEA RealWear.
Our thanks to Audrey Cox for this great article!
Read the full article here:
RealWear and HPE OEM Solutions Collaboration
Unique Use Case for HMT-1 Emerges in China
High honors for innovation with industrial wearables!
High honors for innovation with industrial wearables!
We were recently notified of an intriguing LinkedIn post by Hao Yuan (Ethan) Ng 黄皓渊, Product Marketing Associate at Xiaomi Technology. Ethan participated in a hackathon at Innoway sponsored by Hitachi, where he and his team were challenged to improve elevator mobility in China.
Ethan’s team, composed of an industry expert in in elevator maintenance and product managers from RealWear, proposed a sensor system for new or existing lifts that could leverage AR technology to communicate with delivery robots, creating a product ecosystem for the lifts.
Ethan and his team received 2nd place overall for their innovation! Here’s a diagram for the Innobot concept that Ethan shared with us:
Workers can communicate with delivery robots using HMT-1
Workers can communicate with delivery robots using HMT-1
“I sincerely believe the elevator industry in China is still a large untapped market waiting to be explored and digitized.”
“After getting the opportunity to work with the headset, I was impressed with the voice control, Android compatibility and AR capabilities of the headset.”
Manufacturing Group Project Uses HMT-1 For Aircraft Maintenance
Cranfield Aerospace uses HMT-1 to improve aircraft maintenance
Cranfield Digital Aviation Initiative is using HMT-1 to accomplish three goals simultaneously:
  • Increase productivity of their technicians
  • Improve safety for all workers
  • Reduce carbon emissions
Watch the video above to see how Cranfield Maintenance Apprentices use HMT-1 to improve the aircraft maintenance process.
“This piece of technology potentially can take away a lot of the wasted time.” Dr. Ip-Shing Fan, on the advantages of using HMT-1 for knowledge transfer
Our thanks to John Thurgood for alerting us to this exciting use case!
Edge Wearables Plus Collaboration Cloud? Win-Win
RealWear was featured in a podcast from enterprise.nxt, a project of HPE.
Whether on an oil rig or in an automotive shop, being able to quickly diagnose and solve problems in the field is critical, as downtime and delays often come with a high price tag.
Listen to this podcast featuring guests John Thurgood and Jan Josephson of RealWear to learn how wearable devices make it possible for industrial workers to easily access and interact with the best intelligence for their use case.
John Thurgood and Jan Josephson appear on this HPE podcast
Real Hires
Meet Rocky Scales, new EVP Global Sales at RealWear
Meet Rocky Scales, new EVP Global Sales at RealWear
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rocky Scales to the newly created position of EVP of Global Sales at RealWear.
“Rocky brings 20 years of senior leadership experience in enterprise sales and marketing to RealWear. He combines an uncanny knowledge of strategy with the discipline to execute on the right ideas at the right time. Rocky will be instrumental in our efforts to scale global sales at RealWear.” Andy Lowery, Cofounder and CEO, RealWear
Read the full Press Release Here:
RealWear Poised To Scale And Accelerate Sales Growth, Hires Rocky Scales As Global Sales Leader
Real Partners
JJ Lechleiter, VP Product Management for Vuforia at PTC
JJ Lechleiter, VP Product Management for Vuforia at PTC
On April 1st, PTC announced Vuforia Expert Capture for HMT-1 and similar mobile devices. Vuforia Expert Capture provides industrial enterprises with a more efficient way to empower front-line workers with the information they need to get the job done quickly and accurately the first time.
We’re honored to partner with PTC as they address the greatest opportunity for knowledge transfer in the industrial enterprise. Read our article on PTC’s announcement here:
PTC Bridges the Skills Gap with Expert Capture
We asked Michael Campbell, EVP Augmented Reality Products to share his perspective on Vuforia Expert Capture. Watch the video now:
Michael Campbell puts Vuforia Expert Capture in context
At Hanover Messe, we connected with Robert Duchac of Barcotec, RealWear’s Master Distributor for the central region of Europe. Robert shared some of the 40+ companies demoing their software on HMT-1 at the show:
Robert Duchac shares some of the companies demoing HMT-1
Later at ProMat, we caught up with Percy Stocker of UBiMAX. Here’s what he had to say about HMT-1:
Percy Stocker of UBiMAX at ProMat
Real Blogs
Smart Glasses Technology Led To These 6 Lessons For Startups
Best Rugged Tablet Gets Even Better With HMT Release 10
Real Social
HMT Release 10 Is Here!
“A year of work on a major software upgrade to HMT-1 - released today” said Sanjay Jhawar, Cofounder, President and Chief Product Officer at RealWear, Inc.
“Thanks to our amazing UX designers, software engineers, testers, product and program managers, architects, marketing and support teams, ISV partners and lead customers.”
“This further extends our leadership in the industrial wearable device space and goes out to over 1000 enterprise customers and 100+ partners. #freeyourhands”
Sanjay Jhawar on LinkedIn
Help Lightning
We loved having our customers from @bostonsci onsite today trying out the @realwearinc glasses with Help Lightning!! #integrate #AugmentedReality #MergedReality #VirtualReality
Help Lightning and RealWear hardware work together to make life easier for the customer, bringing Assisted Reality to the point of greatest need in real-time.
Help Lightning’s customer Boston Scientific visited them on March 29th and asked if they could experiment with our Realwear glasses. Big thanks to Jamie Lumberson for giving us the scoop!
CB Technologies, Inc
Can you tell we're excited for another day at the American Manufacturing Summit? Stop by Booth #16 for a live demo of @realwearinc's HMT-1! #MfgUS19 #FreeYourHands #ConnectedWorker #CBTInnovates
Matt Davidson shows off the HMT-1 on a Harris Corporation hat!
Matt Davidson shows off the HMT-1 on a Harris Corporation hat!
RealWear, do you see what I see? Another fantastic relationship founded on the #HMT1.
James Potter and Harris Corporation thanks for the sweet hat! Added a “real” personal touch! #freeyourhands #harris #edge #rugged #wearables #iiot
Matt Davidson on LinkedIn
We can create HMT-1 ballcaps with your company logo, too! Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.
On site with Georgia-Pacific, showing off RealWear Explorer!
On site with Georgia-Pacific, showing off RealWear Explorer!
RealWear and Georgia-Pacific LLC out on the plant floor with #HMT in Brewton Containerboard Plant! #freeyourhands #processimprovement #wearables #IIoT #engineers
Matt Davidson on LinkedIn
USIC Sales Account Manager Jesse Matteson with his team
USIC Sales Account Manager Jesse Matteson with his team
“Another idea for a REAL solution from RealWear, Inc. and USIC. Agreeing that a wearable like #HMT could improve their operations in infrastructure services!”
“Thanks Jesse Matteson and team! #techadvantage2019 #freeyourhands #infrastructure #wearables # #rugged #engineers”
Matt Davidson on LinkedIn
Real Events
Join RealWear at Booth #337!
Join RealWear at Booth #337!
Intelligent Buildings Conference - Nashville, TN - Jun 13 - 14th
Augmented World Expo (AWE) - Santa Clara, CA - May 29 - 31st
Visit RealWear at Booth 1511
Visit RealWear at Booth 1511
Windpower Expo - Houston, TX - May 20 - 23rd
Try out the HMT-1 at RealWear's Booth #617
Try out the HMT-1 at RealWear's Booth #617
Field Service - Palm Springs, CA - April 23 - 26th
We are co-hosting Booth #7 with Librestream. Join us!
We are co-hosting Booth #7 with Librestream. Join us!
Field Service Management - Sydney, Australia - April 16-17th
Real Education
Finally, we’re pleased to announce four new whitepapers on the Resources section of our website. Check them out here!
Smart Factories Of The Future Will Enhance Connected Worker Programs
The No B.S Guide Version of Digital Transformation
Accelerate Productivity & Generate ROI with Wearable Computers
The Value of Training and Knowledge Transfer Using Wearable Computers
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