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Vote RealWear in the Auggie Awards, RealWear Summit, and More! - Issue #18


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May 7 · Issue #19 · View online

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Welcome to Issue #18 of the RealWear newsletter! This is your source for the latest news on Digital Transformation as it relates to connected workers and industrial wearables.
We will do whatever it takes to create the best connected worker solutions in the world. From our nomination in the Auggie Awards to RealWear Summit, we are committed to the Continuous Pursuit of Excellence.
If you already voted for HMT-1 in the Auggie Awards, thank you! If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time… but you only have one day left to vote for HMT-1® in the Best Headworn Device category.
But the Auggies are just the beginning. If you really want to understand our commitment to excellence, sign up for RealWear Summit.
This must-attend annual RealWear event will take place the day before Augmented World Expo (AWE), and it’s only 20 minutes away from the Santa Clara Convention Center.
This event is about All Things RealWear with a focus on deployment, and you’re invited! Spaces are filling up fast, so register now before we run out of tickets.
Finally, we’d like to extend a special welcome to our new subscribers around the world! If you like this newsletter, please share it with your colleagues to grow the RealWear family.

Real News
Vote RealWear HMT-1 Best Headworn Device!
Time is running out for the Auggie Awards! Public voting closes May 8th, but if you hurry you can still vote HMT-1 Best Headworn Device.
Vote for RealWear In The Auggie Awards 2019
We made it super easy for you to vote for HMT-1:
  • Follow this link to find RealWear HMT-1 in the Auggies
  • Create an account when prompted
  • Vote RealWear HMT-1!
The Auggies are the most recognized industry AR & VR awards show in the world, and they showcase the best of the best in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
Winners will be presented with a prestigious Auggie Award live on stage at the Auggie Awards Ceremony, which will take place this year at Augmented World Expo USA 2019 on May 30th.
Hurry! Public voting for the Auggies ends May 8!
Cast your vote now.
Sign Up For RealWear Summit Now
Aim higher with your deployment goals. Join us at RealWear Summit.
RealWear Summit is right around the corner! Register for this FREE EVENT and join us May 28th at Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos, CA.
Register now at!
Why should you attend RealWear Summit?
  1. Interact with RealWear executives and product team
  2. Hear about our plans for the product roadmap
  3. Learn best practices for deployment
  4. Meet other RealWear customers
  5. Understand business cases
Every registrant who attends RealWear Summit is eligible to win a free HMT-1! Go to and register now. Registrants must be present at RealWear Summit for a chance to win a free HMT-1.
Ready to deploy RealWear with confidence and learn from the best in the industry? Sign up now! ↙️
Sign Up For RealWear Summit 2019
Qualcomm, UROS, and RealWear Team Up to Power Digital Transformation of Kazakhstan
RealWear and UROS to Deploy 10,000 HMT-1 Devices to Kazakhstan
In case you missed our special edition on April 23rd, we just announced a major initiative to bring 10,000 HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1™ devices to Kazakhstan.
In our joint Press Release with Qualcomm and UROS, we discuss the implications of this project for industrial wearables. Read the full Press Release here:
Qualcomm, UROS, RealWear Power Digital Transformation of Kazakhstan (10,000 HMT Devices)
ST Engineering Signs MOU With RealWear
Brian Hamilton with ST Engineering team members. Photo courtesy Sian Tee Lee.
Brian Hamilton with ST Engineering team members. Photo courtesy Sian Tee Lee.
ST Engineering has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate with RealWear, to begin testing the HMT-1 within its different business units.
ST Engineering is a conglomerate of companies covering several different verticals including:
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Training simulation
  • Land transport
  • Maritime
  • Security
ST Engineering’s goal with HMT is to integrate the device into each of these verticals, as well as with their external customers.
In the image above, RealWear Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer Brian Hamilton is seated with Beng Leng LIM, Senior VP / Deputy GM of ST Engineering. Standing in the back, from left to right, are Edward Goh, Business Development Director, Digital Enterprise; Barry Wong, VP of Learning Software System; and Dennis Neo, Manager, Learning Software Division, all from ST Engineering.
Special thanks to RealWear Sales Executive Sian Tee Lee for his insight on this story!
Fleet Management Benefits From Remote Mentor Solutions on HMT-1
A Lexus technician with HMT-1
A Lexus technician with HMT-1
Autoflotte reports on a pilot project by Lexus, which is using Remote Mentor Solutions on HMT-1 for automotive repairs. With HMT-1, the customer can conveniently communicate with the service technician via video chat.
The customer can follow along in the dealership lounge or in the office at work via video chat and communicate with the technician. This makes it much easier to address defects, and it streamlines the order process. In addition, the video chat can be recorded and used for future training.
Read more (original article in German):
Modernisierte Dialogannahme -
evm Group Launches Pilot Project With HMT-1
evm Group workers testing RealWear HMT-1
evm Group workers testing RealWear HMT-1
Energieversorgung Mittelrhein AG (evm Group) is the largest municipal energy and service company in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany, supplying 135,000 customers with natural gas and 206,000 with electricity.
To ensure that electricity, drinking water, gas and heat flow without any problems, workers who care for evm Group’s energy networks in the Middle Rhine take advantage of the most modern technology.
evm Group recently launched a pilot project in which connected workers test the advantages of RealWear HMT-1 for daily tasks.
Our thanks to RealWear EMEA Senior Account Manager Michael Krämer for sharing this article with us!
Expert Included: evm Group Pilot With HMT-1
Brochesia Wins MCE4X4 Contest
RealWear customer Brochesia has been named winner of the Super Enterprise Category at the MCE4X4 Mobile Conference Exhibition in Milan! Brochesia was chosen from among 125 startups developing solutions for digital transformation.
We congratulate Brochesia on their selection this year.
Webinars for HMT Release 10
We just completed webinars on HMT Release 10 and our advanced Camera System. If you missed the last two webinars, you can view them here:
HMT Release 10 - Webinar
Camera System Upgrades Webinar
We held our third webinar on new features in HMT Release 10 earlier this morning: Updates to File Management. If you missed this webinar and you’d like a link to the recording once it’s available, please email Andrew Rhodes at [email protected].
Our next webinar What’s New with Navigation and Controls in HMT Release 10 is coming up May 14th. Register here:
What's New with Navigation and Controls Webinar
RealWear Ready Network: Our Partners
Welcome Mexico Energy Partners!
We’re excited to welcome Mexico Energy Partners to the RealWear Ready Network. If you want to kickstart your digital transformation journey with RealWear, contact Mexico Energy Partners for training, purchasing, and general market trends in wearable computers in Mexico.
RealWear Channel Programs Manager Mike Harlas worked closely with Kijana Mack, Director of Mexico Energy Partners to make this new partnership possible.
Barcotec Teams Up With Doka On Unique Project
Doka worker with HMT-1
Doka worker with HMT-1
Barcotec is RealWear’s Master Distributor for the Central Region of Europe. Doka is now using their Remote Instructor Solution on HMT-1 devices provided by Barcotec. Doka Remote Instructor will enable real-time collaboration, and is part of their Upbeat Construction initiative: digital services for higher productivity. Learn more here:
Doka Remote Instructor - Barcotec Blog
Interested in joining the RealWear Ready Network as one of our new Partners?
Real Blogs
Best Headworn Device at the Auggie Awards: Vote HMT-1.
Best Headworn Device at the Auggie Awards: Vote HMT-1.
Top 3 Reasons To Vote HMT-1 Best Headworn Device at the Auggies
UROS worker with RealWear HMT-1, image courtesy Qualcomm
UROS worker with RealWear HMT-1, image courtesy Qualcomm
Digital Transformation Benefits Revealed
Real Video
Ready to Scale. Join us at RealWear Summit!
Susan Polizzotto of Qualcomm congratulates UROS and RealWear
Hänel Storage Systems at ProMat
Real Social
Enrico Salvatori
#5G is paving the way for innovation across all sectors and industries! Great article by @androidcentral on our collaboration with @realwearinc
Dylan Boyd
Big deal here @realwearinc
Collaboration @Qualcomm @UROSLtd to bring 10,000 HMT devices. Supporting deployment of Smart Cities and accelerating XR global adoption to advance the development pace of Kazakhstan’s economy.
“اللي في الصورة دي نضارة لما بيلبسها عامل في مصنع، بيبقى شايف قدام عينه شاشة طايرة افتراضية بحجم 7 بوصة بيتعرض عليها داتا براحته بيقدر يتحكم في اللي بيتعرض عليها بأوامر صوتية الخوذة دي منها اصدارين HMZX-1 وHMZ-1Z1 واللي بتنتجهم شركة UROS وشغالين ببروسيسورات كوالكوم الخوذتين مصممين للعمال في المصانع ولابسها حاليا 10000 عامل ومهندس وموظف في شركة RealWear وبتخليهم يقدروا يتواصلوا مع بعض بسهولة ويشوفوا داتا، والمتخصصين يزودوهم بمعلومات عن أي أعطال في المكن اللي بيشتغلوا عليه من أي مكان في العالم لإن الخوذة طبعا فيها كاميرا وسبيكر ومجموعة ميكروفونات بحيث الطرفين يتواصلوا وكإنهم مع بعض في نفس المكان 
Magdy Abo Hashish on LinkedIn: #industry #innovation #technology"
Sanmsuri Che-Embi, IoT Architect at PETRONAS ICT Sdn Bhd
Sanmsuri Che-Embi, IoT Architect at PETRONAS ICT Sdn Bhd
Samsuri Che-Embi on LinkedIn: "RealWear to improve safety at World OSH @Putrajaya"
RealWear, Inc. meeting with software partner Augmentir today at #FSPS out in Palm Desert! Another powerful way people are leveraging #HMT in #fieldservice #freeyourhands #IIoT #engineers #wearables
Matt Davidson on LinkedIn
Tyler Norkus on LinkedIn: "Met RealWear, Inc. partners at Field Service #augmentedreality #ar"
I’ve worn the @realwearinc gear. Top-shelf all the way. Nice to see the real-world operational application of #AR #XR expanding.
David Francis, Cathy-Anne Jones, and Sian Tee Lee in Sydney, Australia at #FSM2019
David Francis, Cathy-Anne Jones, and Sian Tee Lee in Sydney, Australia at #FSM2019
“Had fun last week at the #FSM2019 conference. Good to bump into Nimmity Zappert as Localz was a sponsor, Matt Georges and Mark Brumpton from Skedulo, Murray Niederer and Matt Niederer from FieldForce4 Limited, Campbell Hatchard and Aaron McGrath from DSI Global.
Bit of extra fun trying on headgear with Sian Tee Lee and David Francis from RealWear, Inc.. #logistics #supplychain #automation #transport #lastmile #supplychainpeople #sclaa”
Cathy-Anne Jones on LinkedIn
What's your best caption? Click the link to comment on Dion's post!
What's your best caption? Click the link to comment on Dion's post!
Hands free, voice controlled, intrinsically safe and improves communication…. Like and comment with your best caption…. #honeywell #maintenance #safety #productivity #wearables #realwear
Dion Davidson on LinkedIn
RealWear, Inc. ran into these #engineers from StreamTech Engineering out at #promat2019, Ken Brenner you should recognize Steven Horcher! #HMT has tons of great applications for engineers in every industry! #iot #iiot #wearables #freeyourhands"
Matt Davidson on LinkedIn
No job is too big for HMT-1
No job is too big for HMT-1
Michael Krämer on LinkedIn: "BAUMA 2019, Munich, Germany, partners like CAT Caterpillar show the HMT-1 at their booth, hall B6 #freeyourhands"
Real Events
We’d like to thank everyone who visited our booths at these events in April:
  • Field Services Management, Sydney
  • Manufacturing & Technology
  • Field Services Palm Springs
  • Hannover Messe
  • ProMat
Keep reading to for a list of our confirmed events coming up in 2019. And if you want to stay up-to-date on all RealWear events, be sure to follow us here:
EWTS - Dallas, TX - September 17 - 19th
Intelligent Buildings Conference, Nashville, TN Jun 13 - 14th
After RealWear Summit, join us at AWE where we are a sponsor!
After RealWear Summit, join us at AWE where we are a sponsor!
Augmented World Expo (AWE), Santa Clara, CA May 29 - 31st
Visit RealWear at Booth 1511
Visit RealWear at Booth 1511
Windpower Expo - Houston, TX - May 20 - 23rd
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